Welcome at the website of the breeding station Poklad Tibetu („Tibetan treasure“), which was registered on 6.4.2011. Since its start our breeding station has been pursuing the breeding of the Tibetan spaniel.
    The first female of our station became Indu Bedigebu, which was brought to Roztok at the beginning of August 2010. Since the end of July 2011 we have another addition, Mani Bohemia Maestro, thus ensuring that Indu has a good companion. Still another addition to the pack, actually a Christmas present in the year 2012, was Karkulka Zlatý Klondike. And in September 2013 our pack was enhanced by still another small female, the nice, cuddly and affectionate Juliette Zlatý Klondike.
    On 20.2.2016 the Tibetan mastiff Pamela Narpo Ransi became the new member of our pack. This way our breeding station expanded thanks to the inclusion of another breed–Tibetan mastiff.
    At the end of September 2016 we received Gina, a female Tibetan spaniel from Harstadt, Norway, and her complete name being Alex Elle's Girl-U-Want.
    The spring 2017 means a critical point for our kennel. We are keeping at home the sabel female Dolma. Which means the number of dogs in our kennel is stabilized for some time. Dolma is the last puppy of our beloved Indu which is the founder of our breeding. We believe Dolma will represent our breeding as good as her mother.
     At the end of year 2019 we decided to keep the last girl from the last litter of our Karkulka. We believe that small Chimeg, which will be called Meggy, will pleasantly surprise us. We hope she will be as successful as her mother. Champa is staying at home to represent his kennel.
    The first half of 2021 has turned out to be literally a breakthrough for our kennel. A new member of the pack, our Barunka (Ubu Hamistu) has joined the pack of Tibetan Spaniards and our Tibetan mastiff Pamela. Bára is a balanced and confident dog girl, whom Pamela has received exceptionally well.
We wish you a very pleasant experience while browsing through our website.