Top Tibetans

The Club of Tibetan Spaniel Breeders (KCHTS) organizes annually a competition for the most successful dog among the dogs owned by club members at the show. There are five categories. DOGS, FEMALES (those at the show), BREEDING DOGS and BREEDING FEMALES (parents of the dogs at the shows) and BREEDING STATIONS. You can find the overall results on the club's website (www.kchts.cz – exhibitions, competitions, events-Top Tibetan). The first five in each category will receive a diploma and a winner's cup. The best of all receives additionally the Cup Top Tibetan (male or female with the highest number of points).
The results of our dogs are listed on the “Shows” page.
The results of our breeding are listed on the page Breeding - shows.
On this page are the results of our dog breeding station:
  Year  Rank  Sum of points
 2014    9/15 37,25               
 2015  16/16    6,00               
 2016  10/11  33,00               
 2017    8/11  41,25               
2018    3/12 158,00               
 2019    3/12 439,50               
 2020    3/11    70,00               
 2021    3/10
2022  4/8 333,25               
2023   4/12 397,75