Grand Ch. Indu Bedigebu

Tibetan spaniel

Registration number CMKU/TS/1324/10/13    
Born 28. 5. 2010
She died 24. 1. 2022
Dam Hajagriva Bedigebu
Sire Achtaj Bohemia Maestro
Color black with white signs
Breading 3. 1. 2013
Litter - puppeis A, B, D
PRA3 clear - 10. 8. 2015
DNA profile 21. 11. 2018
Teeth undershot, 6/6
Chip number 953000005091832
     Indu (Hindi - sacred raindrop or moon *), was born in Soutice near Zruč nad Sazavou. We brought her home on August 1, 2010. Already from the very beginning she felt well with us and behaved perfectly.
     It's a subtle black female with a small white breast and a quizzical expression on her glorious dark deep eyes. She has a wonderful sweet nature, which immediately won the favor not only of the whole family, but of all visitors who had the pleasure to meet her.
     With her expression, the color of her beautiful shiny fell and her tireless amusing pranks she reminds us of a small "devil" who would never stop acting. She brought a lot of excitement into our family, but mainly joy and happiness, fitting the descriptions of this special breed type that appear in many professional and laic articles on the pages of books and magazines.
     After a basic training, we started to take part with her at the first exhibitions in the Czech Republic, later in the Slovak Republic. From the onset she had two major rivals, her sister Iswari Bedigebu and Ximiccu Perla Mahagon. After some time Honey Zlatý Klondike became also a rival. Gradually, however, we managed to obtain the necessary appreciation, so 28. January 2012, after the show in Trencin, she won the award "Slovak junior champion." At the next exhibition on 4.2.2012 in Brno she was awarded the title "Czech Junior Champion" and at the same time fulfilled the necessary requirements for obtaining the title "Club Champion"
Indu continues to participate in exhibitions and is on her way towards winning the title "Slovak champion."
     On 3. 1. 2013 Indu completed the examination for breeding, and on February 23, 2013 we received from ČMKU the confirmed PP for pre-registration.
     On 8. 9. 2013, our Indu gave birth to three puppies (more in the section Puppies – Puppies A) – a male, Adi, and two females, Akšar and Avesta.
     30. 3. 2014 Indu fulfilled at the show in Nitar the requirements for obtaining the title „Slovak Beauty Champion“
     On 22. 5. 2014 Indu fulfilled at the show INTERCANIS in Brno the requirements for obtaining the title „Czech champion“
     On 5. 10. 2014 at the International Exhibition in Bratislava she fulfilled the requirements for obtaining the title „Slovak Grand Champion“.
     On 1. 11. 2014 at the International Exhibition in Prague she fulfilled the requirements for obtaining the title "Czech Grand Champion".
     On 22th of March 2015 Indu gave birth to two puppies (more in the section Puppies – Puppies B) – two male dogs - Brahma and Bagmed.
     On 10. 8. 2015 Indu received the genetic test results PRA3 - CLEAR.
     On March 29, 2017 Indu gave birth in her last litter to Dolma, a female puppy, who remains as a successor of the Leopoldo line in her native kennel (litter "D").
     On November 21, 2018 Indu was tested for the genetic profile of DNA to meet all breeding conditions according to the new rules of the Tibetan Spaniel Breeders Club.
     In the course of the year 2018 Indu reached the veteran age and very successfully participated at exhibitions in the veteran class. During the following year 2019 she won the titles of Veteran Champion of the Czech Republic, Veteran Champion of the Slovak Republic and Club Veteran Champion.
* Karel Werner - Malá encyklopedie hinduismu (Small Encyclopedia of Hinduism)