C.I.B. Grand Ch. Dolma Poklad Tibetu

Tibetský španěl

Registration number CMKU/TS/1826/17/18  
Born 29. 3. 2017
Dam Indu Bedigebu
Sire P'Zazz Brown Sugar
Color sobolí
Breading 12.7.2018
Litter - puppies H, I, L
PRA3 clear - 12.7.2018
DOV negativní - 18.11.2022
DNA profile - STR 19. 11. 2018 
Teeth předkus, 6/6
DKK 4. 11..2021 - A
patella 4. 11. 2021 - 0/0
Chip number 945000006041734
     Dolma was born on March 29, 2017 in our breeding station, where she remains the last puppy of the founder of our kennel -Indu Bedigebu- as well as the follower of the Leopoldo line in our breed of Tibetan spaniels. Her father is P'Zazz Brown Sugar, an excellent Swedish dog, whose contribution to the Czech Tibetan breed is undisputable. By combining both bloodlines, Dolmička actually fulfills the requirements to be a future contributor to the quality breeding that our station has been working on since its very beginning. It is a combination of interesting exterior attributes, but also of excellent character qualities, which are not less important in Tibetan breeding although, unfortunately, very often neglected.
     Dolma is a lively and playful puppy with a healthy self-esteem that does not easily get scared. Already as a small puppy she possessed a strong personality, it gives us great joy and pleasure, which is, of course, enhanced by the fact how she perfectly and non-violently integrated into our dog pack, which until then consisted of four adult females and one growing puppy of the breed Tibetan spaniel, as well as a not yet quite adult female Tibetan mastiff. With all of them Dolma gets on well and without any troubles, all the females have also accepted her very nicely into the pack. With her arrival in the world, the population of our station stabilized on seven females of both breeds, which -although they have several differences- are still very similar to each other.
     We are already looking forward to taking part with Dolma at dog shows, which we started planning already at her puppy age.
     On November 19, 2018, Dolma was tested for the genetic profile of DNA in order to meet all breeding conditions according to the new rules of the Tibetan Spaniel Breeders Club.
     Dolma continuously participates in exhibitions, where she is very successful - at the young age of three she has already achieved the titles of Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Czech Grand Champion and Club Champion.
     On December 13, 2019, Dolmička became for the first time the mother of three boy puppies (litter "H"), who inherited her absolutely amazing and friendly character. Like Dolma, they are cuddly and affectionate, but at the same time confident enough, they are also vigilant and fearless, all in all worthy representatives of the Tibetan Spaniel breed.