Ch-AT Ubu Hamistu alias Bára

Tibetan mastif

Registratiun number CMKU/TD/4381/21  
Born 2. 2. 2021
Dam Pua Narpo Ransi
Sire Eguru-Lung Donno Grogs
Color Black and tan
Breading Bred 1. 10. 2022
DOV negativ
DLK  3/0
Patella  0/0
Spondylóza  0
Faucet height 65 cm
Teeth scissor bite, 6/6
Chip number 941000024828697
The first half of 2021 has turned out to be literally a breakthrough for our kennel. A new member of the pack, our Barunka (Ubu Hamistu) has joined the pack of Tibetan Spaniards and our Tibetan mastiff Pamela. Now Pamela will no longer be alone in guarding our home, already from day one Bára has been helping her with dignity. The initial worries about how the girls would get alone together disappeared immediately on the first day after Barunka's arrival in Roztoky. Bára is a balanced and confident dog girl, whom Pamela has received extremely well. The fact that Pamela is actually Baruška's own aunt is, of course, a bonus for us and a kind of famous icing on the cake. Pamela raises little Baruška as her own daughter and introduces her to everything essential for her future life in our dog breeding station Poklad Tibetu (Tibetan Treasure).