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Life with a Tibetan spaniel
     It is plainly clear already at first sight that the Tibetan spaniel is not a true spaniel as such. But on the second look you are already thinking about who this small puppy really is. It is small in body but of an outstanding spirit. Just by looking into those two wonderful eyes you have the feeling of having reached at this moment a far-away place, where you would rather stay forever. You start asking yourself what is going on in that beautiful small dog head, what is he or she thinking about, what happens the next second and what meaning the unique look of these eyes and this extraordinary moment convey to you.
     At the time when I discovered this fascinating dog, and -believe me- it was a random encounter on a spring day a few years ago, I had the impression of arriving after a long time at a place where I felt comfortably well. This was a time when I was feeling lonely because of the loss of my dog companion, who had been a true friend to me for years. And now after some time I feel again amazingly well, I live through every moment of my life and feel like having a second childhood. Due to the fact that the unforgettable Shih-Tzu mate and comrade, called Beník, had been an absolutely unique and irreplaceable puppy to our family, it was not an easy decision for our family to eventually adopt another dog. That was the moment when I convinced the rest of the family that a Tibbie was exactly what we were missing. And that we were actually missing it as another member of the family. With this decision almost everything changed in our previous quiet family life. Until then an almost closed family without a large amount of activities and friends began all of the sudden to „break into the world". Into a world of dog enthusiasts, dog shows and presentations, which soon extended beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. We won new acquaintances, new friends, met people who like their Tibbies as much as we do and devote them the same time and energy as we always do. Already after less than a year after we had acquired our first bitch, a black beauty with all the superlatives, it became at once clear to all of us at home: we have to get a female companion for our bitch, we are still working all day long at our jobs, and our girl would be sad waiting all the time alone at home. From taking the decision to putting it into practice was only a small step: so we had two bitches after a certain time. The joy doubled; especially when we watched the girls understand and respect each other. There had never been a problem in our small pack, so we decided, after a short consideration, for a third bitch, which we gave ourselves under the Christmas tree as a present. Because the whole family was of the same opinion -otherwise it would hardly have been possible- it was the most beautiful common gift to us, and it exceeded all expectations.
     The Tibetan Spaniel is a dog that is neither too big nor too small. It is not very delicate, and therefore not susceptible to diseases like many other small dog breeds. Nevertheless, its size allows this dog to do everything and undertake almost every task his owner wishes. You can take relatively long walks with him –an exercise this dog race can handle easily after some training- both in the winter and in the summer. If the Tibbies are accustomed to travelling by car from the start, then it is possible to travel with them fairly well and comfortably in the car. Our girls jump happily into the car, for example, as soon as it leaves the garage, and travel is really a pleasure to them. Wandering in the garden or inside the house makes them happy, too. They are lively and vivid, but they do not damage or destroy any house furniture or appliances. In short, they are simply good puppies, which we human beings would wish to ourselves as companions. Probably the hard life of their ancestors from the Tibetan homeland predetermined their robust health and their loving mind. We visit the veterinarian only to fulfill the compulsory vaccinations, or for entirely insignificant visits and mainly for information purposes only, but never due to serious health issues. Compared to our first dog and the frequent illnesses which accompanied him almost his entire life, we enjoy now a relaxed and carefree calm, which we hope will remain for a very long time.
     I am convinced that a Tibbie carries inside something mysterious inside. Every moment I watch my girls, I catch myself thinking that I cannot stop being interested in what they think, how they think, what they are doing, whether they are satisfied. And I realize how poorer, sad and meaningless would be my life without them. Even though I discovered this wonderful dog race at a time when I was about to turn fifty, I am incredibly happy and firmly believe that they will still for a long time enrich and complement my life. There is nothing else to wish for me and my husband than to stay healthy for at least a couple of years more, as we are now, to be able to wholly dedicate ourselves to our dog friends, to enjoy the time together with them, not only at home but also during all the different social activities related to dogs. We always enjoy these activities and shows and we are actually very thankful that we can actively participate and take part in them.
In the name of the breeding station “Poklad Tibetu“
Milada Papíková